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The Houses of 'Ksan Historical Village

The houses are located on the grounds of the original Gitxsan village of Gitanmmax.

`Ksan Historical Village

The Museum Gift Shop
and Administrative Offices


In 1958, the Skeena Treasure House Association was formed to build a museum to house some of the treasures and artifacts of the Peoples of the Upper Skeena.  In 1970, it opened to the beat of ceremonial drums and songs and dances of the Gitxsan People.

The Workshop
The House of Carving

The Workshop

This building is home to the Gitanmaax School of Northwest Coast Indian Art. The school offers a four-year program dedicated to the renewal and passing of Northwest Coast art to future generations.

The Studio
Silkscreen Studio

The Studio

This studio is part of the Kitanmax School curriculum and is offered as a quality workshop for local print artists. Silkscreen prints for which Ksan artists are noted, originate here. Although the studio is not open to the public, some of the works produced may be purchased in the Gift shop.

Eagle House

The House of Eating

Enjoy refreshments and sample traditional aboriginal cuisine. During the summer, fresh fish is offered in a variety of different styles. Native foods cookbooks are available in the Giftshop.

Fireweed House
(Wilp Gisk'aast)
The Treasure House

Fireweed House

This dwelling is the exact structure of the original museum. Having been physically transported from its first site in Old Town Hazelton, it was the very beginning of 'Ksan. Today, it houses various articles of "regalia" displaying all items of ceremonial clothing worn by those attending a Feast.

Wolf House
(Wilp Lax Gibuu)
The Feast House

Wolf House

The Gitxsan people refer to the Feast as "yukw". The many inherited rights and privileges at birth, puberty, marriage and death are maintained and validated by the ceremonial Feast System.

Frog House
(Wilp Lax See'l)
The House of the Distant Past

Frog House

This house focuses on the lifestyles of the Gitxsan people before contact with the outside world.

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